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Re: May just be an omission

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Please see this thread:


Fuji's latest magazine includes OIS in a description of the lens. Seems possible that it was simply an omission in their roadmap.

I saw your post the other day where you informed us about this. Thanks.

But just in case the lens does not come with OIS, i will say it over and over again, the OIS definitely helps in getting sharper and more stable shots, hand held that is.

After using my dad's Sigma 17-50 with stabilization i was clearly getting better results than the nikon 17-55 i had. I used them both at the same time before i sold the nikon. So in my opinion if this lens comes with no OIS that would be very disappointing. OIS helps for taking video as well.

I'd have to agree. I had been spoiled for years with IS on Canon's awesome EF-S 17-55 f/2.8 lens, which was my "walkaround" lens for my 7D. I would never consider buying a similar FL lens without it. That said, I'm really not a prospect for the 16-55 in any event, with or without the feature. The 18-55 is only a tad slower than the 16-55 (at longer FLs), far smaller and lighter, and quite adequate for my needs. I moved from DSLRs primarily to reduce size and weight, and for my own purposes, both the price and additional bulk of the 16-55 make it unattractive to me. Obviously YMMV.

This lens would be perfect for a wedding photographer that gets paid. At 55mm you'll be getting double the light vs the f4 lens, which is very nice. The weight, i really don't mind, for me personally heavier and beefier lenses help me in getting less motion blur. Very light lenses get me nervous and is very hard for me to avoid motion. I guess i still have to get used to the fuji system. Weather sealed, mmm, i really don't care too much about that.

No issue for me getting used to the lack of weight. Took me all of 3-4 seconds to adjust. :-). As far as the additional stop goes, the XT-1 provides amazingly clean images at higher ISOs, so I don't really miss the wider aperture as I can compensate by bumping ISO with little impact. The difference in subject isolation at the longer FL cannot be compensated for, but in that case, a prime (such as the 56/1.2) is probably a better solution anyway for that FL. Weather sealing also a non-issue for me.

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