After two years, what you think of your OM-D E-M5 ?

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Still love it... it is a classic.

I have since acquired an EM1, but to tell the truth, I remain very fond of, and continue to use the EM5 that I figured I'd sell off.

Maybe it's just expectations, but when I ordered the EM5 after the initial announcement, sight unseen, what I expected was a modern body with a grip, for better handling with my larger ZD lenses. What I got was a quantum leap in size, in PP headroom,  and in image stabilization. All were a lot better than I expected, plus the handsome looks, plus the surprisingly small size. I got one of the first EM5's to be shipped, so when I pulled it out of the box, I couldn't believe how small it was, or how jewel-like the construction was.

Nor was I the only one to see this - the EM5 was the µ43 camera that got the enthusiast world to sit up and take notice: this isn't just an overgrown P&S, it's a serious photographic tool. As a result, the EM5 shot onto the DPR top ten clicked list, and stayed there, for over a year and a half. It even put in a couple of appearances in the last few weeks. Just won't go away, will it?

After that, I had very high expectations for the EM1. And it did improve ZD AF. The control layout is genuinely better. 1/8000 shutter speed is nice to have. The VF is larger, albeit not that much larger. But... in very low light, like night sky shots, it has a decidedly heavier noise grain than the EM5. It improves on the EM5 in many ways, but doesn't improve in a few that I hoped it would.

So I kept the EM5, partially for night sky shots, partially because it's smaller when I want really small, but mainly because it just plain dazzled me when I first got it.

It is The Little Camera That Could.

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