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Re: May just be an omission

mistermejia wrote:

Jerry-astro wrote:

Please see this thread:


Fuji's latest magazine includes OIS in a description of the lens. Seems possible that it was simply an omission in their roadmap.

I saw your post the other day where you informed us about this. Thanks.

But just in case the lens does not come with OIS, i will say it over and over again, the OIS definitely helps in getting sharper and more stable shots, hand held that is.

After using my dad's Sigma 17-50 with stabilization i was clearly getting better results than the nikon 17-55 i had. I used them both at the same time before i sold the nikon. So in my opinion if this lens comes with no OIS that would be very disappointing. OIS helps for taking video as well.

I'd have to agree. I had been spoiled for years with IS on Canon's awesome EF-S 17-55 f/2.8 lens, which was my "walkaround" lens for my 7D. I would never consider buying a similar FL lens without it. That said, I'm really not a prospect for the 16-55 in any event, with or without the feature. The 18-55 is only a tad slower than the 16-55 (at longer FLs), far smaller and lighter, and quite adequate for my needs. I moved from DSLRs primarily to reduce size and weight, and for my own purposes, both the price and additional bulk of the 16-55 make it unattractive to me. Obviously YMMV.

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