SEL16F28 is such a small glass able to match bigger legacy lenses?

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shaolin95 Senior Member • Posts: 1,889
SEL16F28 is such a small glass able to match bigger legacy lenses?

I guess I must learn how lenses work.
I tend to favor BIG lenses...if a lens has a 72mm size I feel like it will be awesome with less compromises to make it smaller.

Thus, as I have fallen in love with FD lenses and my Lens Turbo 2, I was thinking on getting a Canon FD 17mm to replace my SEL16F28 with UWA. But as I have been researching, it seems when it comes to legacy lenses and the really wide angle, that is were legacy lenses are the weakest.
It just puzzles me how a tiny lens like the SEL16 with the adapter can be as good as one of those monsters or maybe it depends on the copy being tested? Or maybe is the in camera corrections?
Somebody posted some images of the usual brick wall and the SEL was sharper. My own copy of the SEL at 2.8 is of course, not that great on some corners but at 4 it is already getting better and by 5.6 and 8 it is more than enough so looks like unless I get a Rokinon 12mm or similar, I am passing from upgrading.

So I guess, size is not everything when it comes to lenses... (I was about to even try a Cosina made 19-35mm for $50 to compare to the SEL16 with UWA next)

Any comments on this?

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