Need honest opinion GH3 vs GH4 for still photography

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Andrew Ellis
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Need honest opinion GH3 vs GH4 for still photography

HI all. I recently purchased a GH3 body to go with my increasing arsenal of M43 lenses and to accompany my Olympus OMD-EM1.

I really wanted the GH4 for a couple of reasons -

1. Better EVF and Monitor (high resolution etc)

2. Auto ISO in manual mode (this is how i use my Nikon FF cameras quite often).

However what stopped me is that at the time (here in the UK at least), The GH4 was a mythical beast, with none in stock anywhere (they are still not that commonly in stock), and price. The GH4 was almost double the price I paid for a new GH3 body (£700 vs £1300).

That being said, it's still an itch that's yet to be scratched, and now it seems more of our fellow DPReview fellow members have had their GH4's for a short while, I'd like to ask the following.

From a strictly still photography point of view, how much better is the GH4 output and usability over the GH3 or are they pretty much comparable. I don't really shoot video often, so for my needs the output of the GH3 exceeds my level of video creativity, and I know a lot of the upgrades in the GH4 surround it's astounding 4k video, so I'm not asking about video improvements just stills.

I'm more concerned about the actual output (Raw quality, DR, High ISO etc). As I mentioned above, I know there are some nice additions that also affect still photography (the EVF, Screen and Auto ISO as mentioned), but whilst they would be nice to haves, I'd need to splurge a stack of cash over and above the trade in value of my GH3 to get a GH4, and ultimately, most body and UI improvements don't actually affect the output from the camera, merely the actual photographic taking experience.

So ultimately, am I missing much from not having a GH4 for still photography, or is the GH4 basically a GH3 still camera with video on steroids and a few body tweaks (or is my analogy too simplistic). I'd appreciate real honest opinions please.

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