Going crazy calibrating my dell u2410

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Going crazy calibrating my dell u2410

Hi there.. im desperate !

i have spent 4 days non stop calibrating my screen with no positive results.

I think im improving but not getting to where i want to be.

after trying with i1 profiler and not being succesfull i passed over to dispcalgui argyll.

Im using the spectral corrections from i1 .exe file, and im setting the calibration as good as i can but im not getting a good result

This is the best i got so far :


And as you can see i can't get it right.

Im not sure what parameters im doing wrong or if there is anything wrong with the screen ( i just bought it second hand from a retailer )

Can anyone tell me a step by step of how to setup the calibration of a u2410 with a i1profiler?

i been calibrating on the standard mode so far..

im runing another calibration right now, but it takes about 1h each time.

Anyone can explain maybe what are those parameters that seem to not be ok ?

Average ΔE*00<= 1.5<= 1

3.62 NOT OK

✖Maximum ΔE*00<= 4<= 3


8.49 NOT OK ✖


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