Windows Surface Pro - Good For Photographic Travels

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SP2/128: junk

Unfortunately I own one. There is so much wrong with this product that I really can't be @rsed to spend ages writing it all up. The problems are many-faceted but the combination of the version of Win 8.1 plus the SP's firmware can only be described as "experimental". The endless sequence of patches never stops. Some of them (since last Dec) actually pretty much broke the p0xy thing completely. This attempt to emulate Apple's "ecosystem" is an abysmal failure, whether or not you think that Win 8n is fundamentally a flawed design.

As a notebook the SP2's generally underpowered (4Gb of RAM!). The "type" kb is horrible. The mini-display port socket requires a £35 MS special cable (which, for some time now they can't supply; they say "there's currently a problem with the Windows store"...). If you use a third party cable there's a fair chance that it won't make an adequate connection - because the case profile is angled - and even if it does it's such an inadequate fit that if disturbed it's likely to break the internals of the socket. Only one USB socket (at least it's a standard design); so if you use the MS bluetooth mouse be prepared for periodic downtime while it has a rest. The silly little pen can only be mated to the device if the mains adapter isn't connected. The adapter itself is the size of a cement-block.

As a tablet... well, it just ain't one. Too cumbersome, too heavy, and Win 8.1 is hopeless as a tablet OS.

For the price I paid for this lump I could have bought a decent notebook plus an android tablet. In any case there are now plenty of far better "convertibles" available. MS haven't got a clue when it comes to manufacturing hardware.

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