Image keeper rate. (Motorsport)

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Image keeper rate. (Motorsport)

I was recently at a historic race meeting and while there I took some images just for fun but also to improve my portfolio so i can apply for a photography licence at these events. Over the course of about 8 hours i took roughly a total of 940 images. When i got home i went through my images and deleted all the "bad" images (only half a car, overexposed, missed focus, not sharp enough etc) and ended up with roughly 250 keepers that were sharp by my standards and had all the other boxes ticked (exposure, composition etc). I shot various styles of imagery but mostly panning shots.

There were a number of other photographers at the event and I got their web addresses so I could see their work and see how it compares to mine and how i could improve. I have now looked at their images from the various photographers and one thing that i could not help but noticing was how many images they had uploaded. Most of the photographers have uploaded between 500-800 images from the event (It was a two day event but the image split between the days are not 50:50. I also only went for 1 day) and by looking at the image file numbers most of the photographers have taken between 2300-4700 images in total. What is surprising (at least to me) is that most keepers are roughly every second or third photo (eg: DSC_6675, DSC_6677, DSC_6681 etc)

What my question is, is how is it possible to get 720 "keepers" from 1 days of shooting when I only get roughly 250. I know that experience can play a role as to how many keepers there are but does experience really account for up to x4 more keepers! (This is also not my first time shooting motorsport, i have done it for many years in one way or another.) Also why would a photographer put over 600 images from the one event and have them for sale. I doubt if all those 600 images have been edited (even quickly) to bring the best out of them. Surely their images are not that good to have a 600+ image portfolio. And if they are that good why would they still be shooting local classic events and not the likes of Formula 1 and Le Mans.

Attached below is a few of my own images from the event. Please C&C



My Images

Other photographers at event


Sorry if this post has a bit stupid/dumb but when i saw how many images the other photographers were uploading i was simply shocked.

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