Anyone having this problem with the Sony A7? black area of image.

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Re: Anyone having this problem with the Sony A7? black area of image.

sybersitizen wrote:

SQLGuy wrote:

... But, as I mentioned a couple of months ago in the other thread that was linked, I don't think they are talking about the shutter curtain causing the issue - I think they are saying that the camera won't always get the aperture set to the selected value before starting the exposure. If the iris is closing while the shutter is firing, that will result in "uneven" brightness.

That doesn't help explain the phenomenon, because it would result in overexposure of the part of the frame that gets exposed first - and because of the upward-moving shutter, that's the bottom of the camera (which, because of the inverted image created by the lens, ends up being the top part of the photo in normal landscape orientation). But the result we see is the opposite effect: underexposure.

Yes. I know. That's what I was saying: that the line from the manual does not suggest the behavior the OP is seeing.

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