Time-Sensitive Dilemma! Canon 5D vs 7D vs SL1

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Time-Sensitive Dilemma! Canon 5D vs 7D vs SL1

My general question is: Which camera should I choose? The Canon 5D classic, 7D classic, or the SL1 (these are my only options ATM).

Here's some background info:

1) I mainly photograph people and landscapes, no sports or wildlife.

2) I only care about still photos, photo quality is important.

3) I currently am using the SL1, am reasonably happy with it, but am looking for something with less high ISO noise. When I use 1600+ ISO, it gets grainy. Been reading that the 7D outperforms the SL1 at high ISO, and the 5D SHOULD also be better because it's FF.

4) I have the Canon 15-85mm (willing to part with if i go FF), Canon 85mm 1.8, and a Yongnuo 500ex flash.

5) Low light performance would be preferable, but not a must considering i have a flash.

6) shallow DOF is also a nice bonus.

7) Small size is nice...but my lenses are already so big/heavy, the SL1 almost feels unbalanced with them on.

8)  Is there any significant differences in autofocus between SL1 and 5D?

My current thinking is to choose between the cheapest APS-C (the SL1) or the Full Frame 5D. No point in paying 2x for the 7D over the SL1 when it's not FF and I don't photograph a lot of movement in pics. Feel free to convince me otherwise.

Another thought is...if I'm going to upgrade to FF, is it worth going with the 5D? As lenses are way more $, would I actually get the benefits from FF+"better lenses"? Or would a SL1+15-85mm+flash be sufficient. I would probably pair the 5D with the 24-105mm F4L.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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