Camera for Travel?

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Re: Misconceptions

jaynbay112 wrote:

You're a cheeky one aren't you? Haha, I don't want it to be stolen in the hotel or in the streets, I'm a bit overcautious, However, If I could get a temp travelers insurance, I would gladly except, would anyone know one to protect gadgets while aborad that accepts residents of Canada?

Sorry, it was too easy   I don't think it matters if you have a camera around your neck or not.  If you look vulnerable an nervous, that makes you a desirable target.  Probably being a foreigner and a tourist automatically makes you one in most countries.

Not that this is a recommend, but I decided to check out the bad side of Vancouver… the side the girl at the tourist center said I should avoid.  I was wearing rather ordinary clothes and a beat up army rain coat.  My gear was in an equally beat up looking backpack, about $2400 worth of gear.  Not a single street person bothered me.  One bum was about to ask for change, looked at my clothes and said "never mind".

Of course, looking like that could land you in trouble too.

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