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Lloydy wrote:

... Thanks for your response.

My HDD's are never turned off, as also are my PC's, and failures just happen. As they say, s**t happens.

The just don't happen to me. I may be lucky, but more likely the way I use the drives is different to you but good luck.

My main PC is over five years old and still runs perfectly. The two newer ones are a little faster but don't have such good screens for editing, so I always fall back to the original.

Do your drives spin down and go to sleep when not in use then spin up when they are needed? That may add to the life of your drives. Easily configured on the computer. External drives have to have the feature.

Richard wrote:

You have an abnormal number of failures which leads me to believe that your drives are too hot, run 24x7, power cycled everyday, power spikes or brown outs, drives are move while spinning or magnetic fields. Or some other issue causing this problem. You could try drives other than consumer.

I have a WD My Cloud 4tb drive. It spins down when not being used. It can backup to another drive connected usb to it or over the network ore even to a cloud account.

I have had 1 drive that failed, it was an IDE and I was able to extract all the data.

Even at 10 dollars a month, you could buy a new drive every year for that price.

Good luck, I am glad I don't have your problem. I have 3 , 1tb drive in a raid 0, from 8/2010 ,no issues. I am glad I don't have your problems

Lloydy wrote:

... I think this is probably the bane of all photographers in the modern era.

I have images dating back to 1979 (film scans) and digital images dating from 2001.

The issue is that if I simply look at my 'base' images and look at my edited images, then I am utilising a little less than 1.5 TB of disk space.

As of today, 1.47 TB and some 273,740 images. I currently have this backed up across three PC's and four x 3 TB HDD's.

At a minimum, I always keep four copies of everything but it is becoming a little ridiculous trying to preserve the integrity of all the images.

In the past twelve years, I have had some 25 HDD's fail. I still have them all. Why ? I have tens of thousands of client images and at least some 200,000 personal images and as some HDD's can be recovered I never send for warranty claim. Must be a real bonus for HDD manufacturers when folk don't send HDD's for warranty replacement.

Mind you, I have successfully recovered several HDD's.

These HDD failures range from 250 GB to 3 TB HDD's. The most disappointing thing is that in the past 18 months I have had 4 x 3 TB's fail, and two of those on the same day. At about USD 150.00 per HDD this soon adds up (price is based on where I live). 25 x 150 = $ 3,750

No names on the HDD manufacturer but suffice to say that they were all the same, and I have always bought the same.

And, yes, I have UPS's installed and also have synchronous backup software installed and also have the latest antivirus, malware, etc., packages installed.

So, my question is, where can I get reasonably priced cloud storage, of about 2 TB, and which is also from a reputable vendor ?

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Cheers, Dave

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Cheers, Dave

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