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... Many thanks for your response and I will certainly look into this.

K E Hoffman wrote:

I use CrashPlan

It is a back-up tool that lets you back up local, to friends machine over the net to create your own cloud or to their cloud. Its less than $10 a month for unlimited cloud back up AND they will send you a HD to speed up the initial back up OR speed up recovery of the full lost data.

I have 1.2 TB backed up from my main data drive.. which is also in a Mirrored RAID pair.

I also have Win 8.1 file histories turned on.

  • RAID takes care of single drive failures.
  • File History takes care of localized file accidents
  • Crashplan takes care of both Stupid User as it keeps a file history including versions of deleted files And it covers local disasters that take out machines flood, fire etc.

$5 a month for single PC or $9 a month for a family of 2-10 PCs.

You need to edit the settings for memory by hand when you start to cross the TB barrier.. to increase the memory buffers.

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