Tamron 150-600mm Availability and Truth

Started Jul 30, 2014 | Discussions thread
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leicarose New Member • Posts: 16
Tamron 150-600mm Availability and Truth

Hi everyone!

I've been wondering for a while where you folks in the US are getting this lens?

I wanted it back in March and it was unavailable (looking for Canon mount).

Still unavailable! Now I know some people do have them - and some are selling thru Amazon and Best Buy's Marketplace and Ebay at very inflated prices.........but?

I have been waiting at quite a few places (online) and finally called B&H the other day. The guy I spoke to gave me Tamron's telephone number and told me to ring them up and ask when they are going to be shipping more! - so I did! Got me nowhere.

This was released a while ago if I'm not mistaken - so why the backlog? Is there a problem (or more) they are working on before releasing more? Is demand that high they cannot fulfill orders for several months?

Right about now I'm seriously considering a bounty or finder's fee for finding one!

I don't live near any camera shops - or should I say 'all the camera shops in my surrounding area have all closed up shop'.........boy do I miss the old 'mom and pop' camera shops!

Anyone here have anything to offer? Bird season will be over and then I'll be stuck inside over a very long winter looking at that long lens - if I even have it by then.

Thanks for reading,


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