Film Photography: How any could masrer film and darkroom work?

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Re: Film Photography: How any could masrer film and darkroom work?

hdr wrote:

star shooter wrote:

While it's sad to see the demise of film, chemicals and darkroom work...

Why anyone could still be sad about that is puzzling. especially since digital tech has been advancing in leaps and bounds and could soon surpass film many times over. Move forward.

Of course film and chemicals in darkness can make a fascinating hobby or adventure in itself, but that is a different matter altogether.

Doesn't that really depend on why a person is a photographer? I got into photography through the back door. I was introduced to the dark room as part on my high school's industrial arts program and realized that I had found something I truly enjoyed doing.

And so, I had to take up photography to feed that habit. It turns out I was a pretty good photographer as well, I've had a few shows, won a few awards, and sold a lot of fine art prints. However, my reason for shooting was always to get into the darkroom.

I have become adept at digital photography, but it is nowhere near as enjoyable as working in the darkroom.

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