Film Photography: How any could masrer film and darkroom work?

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Re: Film Photography: How any could masrer film and darkroom work?

I have to put my 2 cents worth in here.  I am not a professional photographer.  I can say that I am in awe of those who truly are.  I have been to lots of weddings in the 80's and 90's of my own kids and many others.  Often, I'd bring my own 35 mm SLR and shoot a few shots while trying not to get in the professional's way.

Most professionals used medium format: Hasselblad and Bronica were most seen; but Rollei TLRs and some Mamiya.  If the "professional" showed up with a 35 mm camera, my heart sank.  In several cases where the "professional" used a 35 mm SLR, the family came to me and asked if I had gotten certain scenes, as their professional had poor results.  That never happened when the professional used medium format gear.  Never!

Because I take a lot of pictures and get some decent results; I was often asked for advice on cameras, and recommendations on picking a wedding photographer back in the film era.  My first recommendation was always to ask the photographer what kind of camera he uses.  If it was a 35 mm, I advised them to find somebody else.

My observations about this was that if he used a 35 mm camera he was just starting out, or he wasn't making enough money to afford the medium form gear, or that it was a sideline for him.  People shopping for a photographer on price were most likely to end up with a guy with a 35 mm.

The situation does seem to have changed in the digital era.  I haven't been to as many weddings in recent years; but every one I've been to was shot with a DSLR, and many used an APS-C sized sensor.  But nobody has asked if I got a shot the photographer missed, so I guess they are doing OK.

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