Yet another full frame vs crop sensor question :

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Like asking priests which religion is best

Some people will NEVER answer anything but that the full frame sensor is pure gold. The way to respond is usually to direct them to medium and large format and ask them how they can cope with such a tiny sensor as full frame. The crop frame fanatics can be just as bad, but in the opposite sense.

Seriously full frame vs. crop is simply asking for a religious war between groups who will NEVER agree.

I am considering upgrading glass for my crop sensor DSLR and hope to see an improvement in sharpness.

Even modern kits lenses are very sharp if used correctly ( technique, technique, technique ) so I'm inclined to say that you should give examples of what you think is wrong with your images ( post a couple of things that aren't up to the standard you want ). It's likely the problem is not the lens or the camera. It usually isn't for most of use.

There's an important difference between sharpness in the sense of resolving detail and the completely different issue of apparent sharpness when viewing, which is usually something you can, for want of a better expression, extract from an image by careful processing.

Here is the question : All things being equal (and I mean ALL things i.e. megapixels, lens quality .... everything)

That's just impossible. They're NEVER equal. I don't deal in fantasies and I'd suggest you don't either as you'll just drive yourself nuts with these sort of "comparisons".

Instead decide what you need from a camera and not abstractions.

would the average viewer be able to tell the difference between two landscape shots enlarged to 20 X 30 as viewed from average comfortable viewing distance

Basically no. Viewing any image as a whole and not in tiny pixels all anything but a very good eye and a very trained viewer should notice is the overall composition, lighting, contrast and color.

These are usually the areas to concentrate on. In my experience you can get away with almost no detail at pixel level and still produce a stunning shot.

Some landscape types do tend to worry about pixel level detail. I personally don't see the point of that, but to each his own. That's not what you're asking about, but if I wanted that level of detail I'd employ other techniques than a larger sensor, like stitching from longer focal length shots.

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