Battery life of SB-700 in a wireless Multiflash system

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Re: Battery life of SB-700 in a wireless Multiflash system

By considering the SB-700 instead of the more powerful SB-800 you are eliminating use of an external battery pack. The SB-800 has a port for the external pack. The SB-700, though more advanced and automated, does not accept external packs.

I have both. And I use them off-camera most of the time. The SB-800 not only has that port, but it comes with a 5th battery compartment (case). Add that extra battery, and you have a 25% increase that give you longer battery life but significantly shorter recycle times. Pro Nikon users claim that the SB-800 was the best speedlite made by the company,

The SB-700 is smaller and thus lighter if you have to lug it around. And many of the settings are accomplished with buttons and rotating knobs. With the SB-800, you are forced to do a lot of "menu surfing." Frankly, that gets to be annoying. And it isn't fast, by any means.

Proof of the long-lasting value of the SB-800 is the fact that used prices (eBay) are the same as the new price when the SB-800 was introduced about 10 years ago. They hold their value for a reason.

The SB-800 is no longer available from Nikon, so you have to buy a used one. I have two and love them. I always reach for the 800 and leave the SB-700 untouched. My local camera store sold me one of them in near-new condition. The other, even somewhat newer, came from Texas on an eBay sale.

The key is to get one with a clean battery compartment. You want no corrosion.

With my SD-9 battery pack attached to my SB-800, I have a total of 11 AA cells powering the unit.

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