Yet another full frame vs crop sensor question :

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Re: Yet another full frame vs crop sensor question :

seventh son wrote:

Aletheia wrote:

If YOU can't see it, why would you ask others whether THEY can? If you can't see any advantages to Full Frame, my advice to you would be don't bother.

What other answer could anyone give you?

Exactly why I am asking as I have not had the opportunity to make the comparison myself ..... looking for a more informative response than this .... and "what other answer could anyone give you?", other than yours ? See thread. Thanks.

There are thousands of full frame images on the web, many of which you can download in the original if you search photography and camera review sites.  There are also thousands of APS-C photographs available.  You can easily get lots of experience examining both types without leaving your chair.  For that reason, I mistakenly assumed you had tried to do so, and could not decide.  My mistake.

There is more image quality difference available by upgrading lenses than there is by moving to full frame with the same mediocre lens.  The very best image quality will be from full frame sensors using top quality lenses.  Whether or not that "very best" is worth it to you, only you can decide by examining lots of images and making up your own mind.  And if YOU can't see it, my advice is don't bother.

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