Best lens set for wedding (and general portraits) photography

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Re: Best lens set for wedding (and general portraits) photography

iKokomo wrote:

I would love (my wife and I) to start a little photography business and we will be doing 2 of our good friend's wedding for very cheap to build and learn (though I have done a few SR Portraits and the like) and my question is:

What are good lens to start off with (cheaper, yet still good non-Nikon lens) for portrait and weddings (either to buy or rent)? Eventually we may replace them with Nikon ones though:)

I just did pick up a refeb Nikon 50mm f/1.8d for under a hundred so I am very happy and can't wait to use!!

An essential wedding lens, would be a 24-105-120 f4. Sigma makes a 24-105  for 899.99 US, and Nikon makes the 24-120 f4 for 1300 US. Both are comparable in terms of image quality. The Sigma has the better edges and corners; the Nikon the better center. I have the Nikon, but have been hearing and reading very good things about the Sigma. I find that I use the 24-120 70% of the time for events, and 90% of the time where I need a flash (indoor receptions, parties). You may want to rent one to see if this fits your needs.

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