A better lens hood for the 60mm f2.8 DN

Started Jul 30, 2014 | Discussions thread
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A better lens hood for the 60mm f2.8 DN

The sigma lenshood for the 60mm is funny, it just sits there doing nothing. it fails at keeping the sun away from the front element.

sun is hitting the front element, camera not even tilted!

But there is always a solution!
i bought some fotodiox lens hoods from dealextreme. (cheap+no shipping costs)
they are from metal (aluminium)
a 46mm hood
a 52mm hood
and a 55mm hood
+ step up ring from 49-52mm
There is no vignetting when 2 hoods are stacked, even the 3 hoods combined remain without visable borders.

3 Metal lens hoods, 46mm 52mm and 55mm. the outer filter thread is a little bigger, so they can be stacked

It wont win any design awards but it does the job perfect!

finally the sun is is blocked, like a lenshood shoud do.

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