DOF on wide angle lens prime lens

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Re: DOF on wide angle lens prime lens

Sadly, there's no Nikkor prime wide angle for DX. There's probably Sigmas, Tamrons and whatnot, but I can't tell you anything about that. You could get a Samyang 14mm relatively cheaply, and it would give you the same FOV as a 21mm lens on a FX camera. As far as DOF is concerned, as the sensors get smaller, the DOF gets deeper, so, a 5.6 opening of any lens shot at infinity won't give the same DOF on a DX sensor, as it would on an FX. Moreover, shooting a wide lens wide open at the closest distance would give a very thin DOF, and unless that's the effect you're trying to achieve, it would need to be stopped down. The best wide angle option on a DX IMO would be the 10-24 (which is more or less a DX version of the 16-35). Now, if you wanna go FX with the D600, I'd recommend a 24 2.8 AF (D), or a 28 AI-s. Auto focus is not that important on wides. If money is not an issue, then by all means get the 28 1.8 or even a 24 1.4. Personally I don't like the 24mm focal length (and I had three of those, and a zoom that goes to 24 :)) and prefer zooms for wide shots. If you're standing on an edge of a cliff there's no moving forward to "zoom with a prime".

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