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Re: Misconceptions

Ido S wrote:


Please, please, please watch this video:

I hope you'll change your mindset about this after watching the video.

The video asks why wouldn't you want to bring your best gear on a "trip of a lifetime"?

Let me suggest a few answers.

The video ignores the fact that the definition of "best" depends on the task at hand.

A top of the line 1Dx may be the best camera for some jobs, but there are some jobs where you are better off with an entry level SL1.

Let's be fair for a moment.   All current model DSLR cameras are capable of taking great photos.  The higher end cameras make it easier to get those photos under adverse conditions.  The downside is that the higher end cameras are generally bigger and cost more.  If you are in good conditions, the entry level camera will give you quality on par with a top tier body.

It's important to remember that a cell phone camera in your hand, takes far better photos than a 1Dx in your hotel room.

If a smaller/lighter/cheaper camera makes it more likely you will carry that camera with you, then there are real advantages so such a camera.   I was recently in Moscow on a non-photo related business trip.   I was able to carry my SL1 around with me as I made my way around.  A larger camera with a bigger lens would have spent much more time in my hotel room.

On the other hand, when I took my family on a photo Safari to Yellowstone, my son and I each had backpacks filled with high end camera gear.


The lesson is that the "best" camera depends on the particulars of the situation.  Sometimes you really should bring the best gear you can, and sometimes, you are better off with something smaller that you will always have with you.

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