Film Photography: How any could masrer film and darkroom work?

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Re: Film Photography: How any could masrer film and darkroom work?

bford wrote:

Mark Smith wrote:

Well it's pretty much a fact, the only pro's that used 35mm exclusively were sports and journalists photographers, mainly because newsprint didn't require more resolution.

maybe in your country.

No that'll be worldwide and especially in the USA.

sure, because you as a Briton would know better than an American what went on in his own country., not to mention in every country throughout the world.

He probably does. My experience with most of my fellow Americans is they don't know much about what is going on outside of the county they live in, much less other parts of the world, or even their own country.

I started shooting weddings in the early 1970s. We shot the formals and portraits on medium format, 35mm was reserved for the casual stuff where ultimate image quality took second place to convenience.

The problem with 35mm was that the negatives couldn't be retouched, so anything required had to be done on the print, and the images simply couldn't be blown up past 5x7 inches without starting to fall apart.

thirty five millimeter came into it's own in weddings in the mid 1980s when auto everything cameras took over the market and everyone and his grandmother was suddenly a "professional" photographer.

The downturn in over all quality was such that the poorer image quality from the tiny little negatives was often drowned out by the sheer incompetency of the people running the cameras, and hence wasn't as much of an issue.

Digital has just exacerbated the problem. Now everyone and his grandmother thinks they can be professional photographers, and they figure they can fix their screw ups with software after the fact.

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