What's the noise inside FZ1000?

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IS system

privateman wrote:

Just had some minutes with my FZ1000, a quite large and bulky camera when coming from an FZ200.

There is a permanent noise coming from within the camera, sort of a grinding sound, and I cannot detect what it comes from and how to get rid of it. I'll have to try more setting but had no luck so far.

Might be some kind of motor working permanently, then probably wasting energy.

Anyone else with that sound and an idea how to stop it?

It sounds just like the OMD EM5 when it came out.   It's the IS system either moving the lens assembly or, if IS is off, keeping it centered.   If you turn IS off, the noise is decreased a little and is consistent which is how I reached the conclusion I did.

Olympus released a firmware upgrade which decreased the noise a bit, particularly for the centering case...maybe Panny could do the same?

If you notice with the camera off and you move it around, you can hear the IS assembly "thump" inside.   Once you power it on, even if IS is off, there is no thump.

Given my initial impressions on the effectiveness of the IS, I'd endure the noise for better IS any day.   Ideally, we can have both though.

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