Just saying Hi (formerly little laker)

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Just saying Hi (formerly little laker)

I just thought I'd say hi,

I used to be little laker on this board, however too much to mention has changed since my last time here and I don't remember my email accounts or anything from back then.

I still shoot my SD14, and it's the only digital camera I use these days. However I honestly rarely touch it. In fact I will be mounting it on a copy stand soon to photograph my negatives more than anything.

I lost touch with Pretty much all digital cameras, and don't know what anyone has to offer.

However the last shots I did with it are breathtaking. I will post 1 or 2 in the next week or so. Life is too busy this week to promise them earlier.

They were from the Canadian Iceroads. I somehow managed to convince a rather large transport company that I am a good driver, and could handle a Super-B transport truck loaded with fuel through the most extreme environment on earth. It turned out being a good match, and I am now a full time employee there.

I now shoot more Large Format B&W than anything. Including develop my own film, and have a darkroom set up in my laundry room.

The main reason for my switch is because I got tired of looking at computer screens. I also love the challenge, but I also got peed off because so many people accused me of photoshoping my images just because they couldn't do the same thing with their cameras. They don't seem to feel the same way about film photography, however the truth is I am doing more image manipulation than ever before with all the dodging, burning, bleaching, and toning that I am learning.

I am presently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and I actually bought a house here. However I am selling it. My soon to be wife doesn't want to move here, however we are presently looking into moving up to Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada together. It was Wanja's idea, and the company I'm with are just expanding up there. The job is mine if I want it.

If I remember correctly, there is another Sigma shooter up there. I will have to try looking him up if I make the move.

Other than that, not much has changed.

Oh, I am busy this week with work and a wedding. Please don't expect quick responses from me.

Take care


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