Best four thirds lenses?

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Re: Best four thirds lenses?

Best price to quality ratio on any lens for E-M1:

Zuiko 35 3.5 Macro

Trust me, you can not find similar lens from any system. It looks like toy lens, but is completely something else. It is hauntingly sharp and well corrected. Downside is that it has noisy and not reliable autofocus on E-M1 in any other than daylight.

It is macro lens where it is at it's best. Full 1:1 magnification. You can make microscopically precise close-up images from static objects with absolutely stunning detail. In this case it is even better than Zuiko 50 2.0 Macro and M.Zuiko 60 2.8 Macro. But trust me, you don't want to shoot any moving objects with Zuiko 35 3.5 Macro, you are too close with this focal length.

When you look the price and the quality it gives, it is best bang for buck lens i know from all systems. And, in old 4/3 bodies it worked great with street photography lens with very good focus speed. In E-M1 it is not in same level becouse of the lower focus speed, altough in static situation you get even more clarity in details as there is not LPF and sensor is next gen compared to anything in 4/3's

I had to name this for best price to quality lens becouse it is so dirt cheap compared to it's output AND becouse there isn't really alternative to it, if you want to get real close.

Best wideangle zoom for E-M1

Zuiko 9 -18 4.0 - 5.6

Okay, there is also 7-14 which i haven't tried (and should be astonishing) and also 11-22, which i tried and was little disappointed. Yes i know, this 9-18 is slow. I never stop it down, becouse it actually gives all the best wide open. BUT, actually i have never bothered the speed with this lens as it seems that with E-M1 stabilizer i can pull easily always 1 second hand held sharp exposures with 9mm setting. Image quality is very very good. This is the lens that always surprises me, pictures always turn out so nice. I am quite convinced that optically this is better than m.zuiko 9-18 version (which is already very good lens) Focus speed is nice, but most things are focus anyway with this focal length and aperture. Get this lens, you will not be dissapointed. I can not recommend 11-22 altough i know it has some properties over this.

Best allround zoom performer in E-M1:

Zuiko 14-54 2.8-3.5 Mk1

With moderately good speed and much better image guality over M.Zuiko 12-50 and 14-42's it is real gem. Best is that in E-M1 (after the firmware update) focus speed is really good. I will boldly say it is on par with best with old 4/3 bodies. Colors are fantastic, image is well corrected and it's sharp. Actually in some way this lens can be slight disappointment as pictures turn out always very good, but without "unique" charasteristics as it is so well corrected. Mk1 version is absolutely bargain. If only one lens should be selected with E-M1 for photo trip to harsh conditions, for some reason i would select this.

I know 12-60 is optically even better, but for me 14-54 has best price to quality ratio.

Best price to quality tele for E-M1:

Zuiko 50-200 2.8-3.5 Mk1

It is little heavy and looks big on m 4/3 body, but it's not unbearably heavy. However after getting used to lenses like 45 1.8, Zuiko 50-200 feels gigantic. But: image quality is stunningly good in 50-150 range and good in 150-200 range. I would said avoid 180-200 range if you need absolutely best quality ( in there it is still better than any 40-150) Best thing is that it has mind blowing corner to corner sharpness and very well corrected. And focus speed did improve by giant leap after latest E-M1 firmware update. Before that AF performance was dissapointing, no it is on very good level for this type of focusing motor. Please note to use electronic first curtain with this thing. I don't know why, but with this lens, and it is the only lens, that i have viewed so called "shutter stock" if not using electronic first curtain. All in all this lens is magical and blows any current m4/3 teles from the table in terms of versatility , speed and image quality (this might change after release of m.zuiko 40-150 2.8)

Best of the best of all Zuiko lenses:

Zuiko 35-100 2.0

This is one piece of kit. I have tried it but did not get it then becouse the price. Now i regret. I don't know about focus speed on E-M1 on this, but picture quality was really "popping". Sharpness is outstanding, on par with M.Zuikos 25 1.8, 45 1.8 and almost on 75 1.8 too, and that's something. Control on depth of field is astonishing. But, it is big and heavy and still rather expensive. If i would photograph any weddings, or would do any other event photographing this is best tool to have. I doubt there is still lens overall this good in other systems either. I know there are many sharp 70-200/ 4 and 2.8 lenses but is there similar corner to corner sharpness in wide open?

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