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Re: Online calculators

David Lal wrote:

Kapytaras wrote:

My second questions is: is it worth to buy 50 mm 1.8 g for portraits if I have 35 mm 1.8g or effect is same when I get closer with 35 mm len for same FOV?

I think you would find useful one of the many online depth of field calculators, of which this is one:

There are also field of view calculators such as this one:

Personally I think portraits with a 35mm lens are not good: tend to distort too much and especially, enlarge the nose.


Agree with these comments, I have a 50mm prime and a 90mm prime I use mainly for portraiture.  Both produce a soft background when wide open but I don't usually have much in the background to worry about, use backdrops or move my subject well forward from background objects.  Try this with a 20mm lens and watch the noses grow, from memory these shots were with the 90mm, 50mm is better for full length as you don't have to get so far back.

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