Most desired improvement in Canon's next body refreshment cycle (Photokina)

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Most desired improvement in Canon's next body refreshment cycle (Photokina)

Self explanatory. What is your most desired feature in Canon's next round of body refresh cycle?

No flaming or "go out and shoot" type of condescending comments please. If you do not wish for any advancement, there is a choice for you.

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Higher resolution (higher mp or doing away with AA filter)
24.0% 25  votes
Higher DR (plenty of complaint about this one, especially from landscape guys)
49.0% 51  votes
Higher effective color depth - for smoother color transition
1.9% 2  votes
Faster, more accurate tracking AF, or better AF coverage of the frame
7.7% 8  votes
Higher frame rates or buffer for continous shootings
2.9% 3  votes
Smaller or lighter bodies
2.9% 3  votes
Better video capability or 4K recording
0.0% 0  votes
Usability features like zebra, focus peaking etc
1.9% 2  votes
Longer battery life
1.9% 2  votes
Others - please specify.
4.8% 5  votes
I am happy to use what I have. Don't really care about further advancement.
2.9% 3  votes
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