First day example from using Tamron SP 150 - 600 on a Nikon D610.

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victorian squid
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It's got some limitations

And if you're not expecting a $10,000 lens for $1200, you and the Tamron should get along fine.

David - who posted one 2 star review 6 months ago probably had the first Canon copies coming out. There was a firmware problem with some Canon bodies. Tamron stopped production, fixed the issue and started up production again.

Many people that have those old lenses may never come across the problem, other people did. I suppose my only gripe with Tamron was not admitting the problem to the people who reported it, basically giving them instructions on how to use a camera.

Anyway, there it really doesn't look like that was David's problem as he was shooting stationary birds, not using AI to track at  angles - which is one area the Tamron had its problem. My guess is that David had never used a big lens before. Even a 300 is nothing like a 500 or 600. Handling is completely different and it takes some practice.

Also as was evident - David wasn't used to image stabilization, and in particular Tamron's unique Vibration Compensation. It's typical to get a bit of a "jump" as he witnessed, only to him it was a bug, not a feature. I can see where it might be a bit disconcerting. I thought it was strange at first, but then expected it! It's like it's showing you its working. Tamron's stabilization is one of the best I've used, and for a budget lens all the more remarkable.

Yes, this lens has some shortcomings. Yes, the Canon problems and the Nikon problems appear to be different - there's no surprise there. And as with any brand lens, you stand the possibility of getting a copy that's not up to snuff. Don't complain, don't write bad reviews, use your time to return the lens to the reseller, or to Tamron to be brought up to spec.

Until Sigma comes out with a competing lens at sub $1500 (I don't think they will, they're moving upscale), Tamron is King of the Hill for super telephotos on a budget. I plan on getting one now that the firmware issues are sorted out, as are some of the QA issues. It's a very good lens with excellent build, great optics and coatings - one of the few obvious bargains in photography and a new standard in its class. It's not supposed to compete with the best L lenses or Nikkors out there - nor does it. But what it does it does very well.

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