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Blah Blah Blah

Step away for a week or so and come back to read same old tired arguments against Nikon One.

When I need IQ, I shoot with a Hasselblad or Nikon D800. When I need speed in low light - a D4. When I need low light and smallish - a Df. Do I bash MFT or DX cameras for IQ, low light capability or speed? Never. I understand all photographers make choices and compromises based on a variety of factors. So do I. When I shoot in daytime for fun I use a V3. Used a V1 before and they both work great as would a V2 I’m sure.

Amused by those who suggest N1 users shoot with something that provides better IQ or lesser noise or less pricey or whatever. I ask what camera should I have used to capture some amazing herons at 20fps - BIF shots I never attempted before in my life. What handholdable rig should I have used to capture surfers requiring 800mm of reach? Well I used a V3. And this same camera was used as my daytime travel kit in Tokyo during holiday. The fastest focusing mirrorless camera for street photography, full coverage 18 to 300mm and total weight 1.5 pounds. Used the Df for lowlight by the way.

And no need to call sensors by childish names or to profess love for your own camera (a little weird if you ask me). It’s not as if Nikon One users are on other boards pushing our speedy little camera on everyone else. Quite the contrary. Seems anytime we show a special image or display a feature or mention another camera, others stop by to say their camera could have done just as well if not better - and proceed to post images from said camera in this forum (e.g. cheetahs, dragonflies, birds …)

Last month I wrote the following:

“I believe this particular forum is the very best for Nikon One users. If I may speak for others, we are somewhat of a humble group. We all recognize and understand IQ from our little camera will never match that of others but that is OK. For us IQ is good enough and we prefer the speed, reach and flexibility of our diminutive camera to capture images and fleeting moments others may miss. And for many of us that is an important thing.”

Stand by this statement and here are a few photos I've taken with the V1 and V3 over the past year or so to show what can be done with N1 cameras.

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