D8X0 Camera Wear & Tear?

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Re: D8X0 Camera Wear & Tear?

manhattan wrote:

I take care of my D700, but it sees regular use. It looks like it is still brand new. I had the same question. I have seen some year old D800s that look like they are 15!

I am sure people will cry foul or something like that, but I returned it today.

Why? After thinking about it and the fact that the sensor was dirty from the first exposure and that even after running several cleans there were still traces I decided I shouldn't have to live with a dirty sensor from the get go.  It was inspected and determined it was  likely defective and I took the refund.

I may get another, but the build quality really didn't seem the same as the D700 and so I will stew on it for awhile.

I do want to have a backup camera for a wedding next year and the D810 just still seems like it can be a logical choice.  It can produce awesome images.. Just not so sure about its build verses the investment.

Its rather humorous in a sad way, the gentleman that bought my D700 told me he always regretted selling his.  He just received  mine today and I may have inherited his regret because mine was in pristine condition.

BTW, I know what you mean about looking at used 800es, I was rather shocked at some I saw on eBay.

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