12-32 vs 14-42 (ii) vs 14-45

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Re: 12-32 vs 14-42 (ii) vs 14-45

Conor OBrien wrote:

kwunyin wrote:

Hman83 wrote:

Sure, if the 12mm is worth the extra 100 EUR then why not? But lets not stop there....which it looks like the OP certainly did not haha!

12mm is great for landscapes. Maybe that's valuable for the OP. The 12-32mm is also very compact making it highly portable.

Conor OBrien wrote:

To update everyone - I did not buy either of the 3. I am still getting along with just my 5 and 20mm 1.7.

I do still want to buy a zoom lens for convenience, but I want my zoom to be of similar quality to my primes. I don't want to take a photograph with a zoom and later regret not taking the same photo with a higher quality prime.

So, in that case, I am leaning towards the more expensive 12-35mm zoom. Due to its price, I am just waiting and waiting for it to lower to a more affordable price.

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Would that be that great? I mean, that would render your primes pretty useless. I've heard people who have O12-40 end up selling their primes, unless portability was a concern. I'm not sure if it is of concern to you.

I would plan to use the primes if I was going lightweight, as a walkabout lens or if I needed those extra stops of light.

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Yeah, but some people would rather bring one lens than to bring 2-3 small primes. It depends on the user I guess. If that's the kind of thing you like, then maybe that's the kind of thing you need. It seems like your mind is pretty made up about the 2.8 zoom though. Good luck with that! It does have the benefit of the 12mm and also have great image quality throughout the range.

Of the 2.8 zooms, I think I might choose the Panasonic though (like you). It's smaller and lighter and has image stabilization so if you decide to buy a Panasonic body, it's still useful. That's just my opinion though.

People on here talk about the O12-40 like it were the O75 of the standard zooms, so there is that.

43Shooter wrote:

One potentially important attribute of a zoom lens is how much slower does the maximum aperature become as you increase the focal length. They are all 3.5-5.6 but what happens in between the min. and max. focal lengths? In this regard, the 12-32 seems to be better than the other two lenses. I suppose you could say that the maximum aperature gets slower slower.

Yeah. I've heard the P14-42 (ii) is at a smaller aperture than the P14-45 at 25mm. I don't have these lenses, so I can't be certain, but that seems quite important if this were a walkabout-zoom.

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