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jhendrix Senior Member • Posts: 2,086
Re: Not paying for the bus, but complaining anyway

Go complain to the people who wrote the ad block software that it leaves blanks spaces. Get them to restructure the page to your personal taste.

You don't get it.

You're like a passenger on a bus who hasn't bought a ticket, but feels self righteous enough to demand bigger seats.

I'd kick you off the bus. Get the idea ?

And your original complaint did not say "the adverts should be at the bottom". All you were concerned about was the irritating blank space at the top where you blocked the ad that should have been there.

You found a blog article ( for all we know written by you ) saying top banner adverts were bad, but you could find a blog article on the web supporting any position. This only cropped up when you were called for using an Ad Blocker and complaining about the result.

Lighten up Francis. You are always angry at something.

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