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Re: what's 3-D?

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Truman Prevatt wrote:

It has little to do with a specific camera or film.

You are a very stubborn man!

Set up exactly the same scene, with exactly the same lighting. Take two photos. One using a 35 mm camera with pushed TRI-X and the other a medium format camera with a very fine grain film.

Then compare the 3D feel. I bet it is different!

NOTE - apertures chosen so that you get the same DOF.

It depends on the scene.  Some would be better suited for Tri-X and some better suited with medium format.  However, this conversation is not about contrast it is about the illusion of depth.  Back in the dark ages we would always have some student come someone in one of our classes claim the had found the magic elixir of film and developer to generate a certain desired effect - depth being one.  Our class rooms had a whole way of cork boards so prints could by hung up and all students were expected to hang prints and tell us what was special about that print.  So when that claim was made the staff would say - hang them up and convince you peers (the other students) - 99% of the time they ended up with their tails between their legs.

There is no magic camera, no magic elixir.  There is knowledge, skill and craft.  That is especially true when it comes to depth.  Find some images of Howard Bond and/or Minor White and examine them.  They were masters at making photographs with amazing depth. Of course they both used large format equipment.  You might try Robert Adams (no relations with Ansel).  He did it with a 35mm.  Not only could he capture depth by his compositions - he also captured the vastness of the space in the American West.

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