DP2M vs 5D3 part 2

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Re: DP2M vs 5D3 part 2

JackM wrote:

maxotics wrote:

You should all be ashamed of yourselves for not asking me WHY I thought the images were reversed

No need, because it's a ridiculous accusation in the first place.

instead of it immediately making it into some sort of personal issue, which it wasn't with me.

I would never accuse anyone of forging Exif info, because I cannot fathom myself ever going to that effort and stooping so low for an internet discussion. You, on the other hand, do consider it a possibility, because as any freshman psychology major would tell you, it's something you would consider doing yourself.

All the OP had to say was no, they're not switched, why do you think they are? Goodbye.

Tah tah.

It is only an accusation in your head.  I never accused anyone of forging anything.  It could have happened my accident.  And some people do it to prove that the differences people see in images are pre-emotionally invested.  If you're saying that people who do switch images to make that point are "fraudulant" okay, but why do you insist on speaking for me?

Why would I post images that would support my question if not legitimate?

"A man is only as big as the things that make him mad" -- Bad Day At Blackrock

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