New RX 100 X M 3, broken already.

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Re: Beware of taking RX100M3 to Taco Bell! Be vewy, vewy afwaid...

Indieke1 wrote:

Corkcampbell wrote:

Beware of taking RX100M3 to Taco Bell! Be vewy, vewy afwaid...

Picked up a new RX100M3 today, checked its compatibility with a new SDXC card at the shop and we repacked everything. When I arrived at a Taco Bell nineteen subway stops away, I got out the camera for the always daunting task of attaching straps. The body seemed hot, which is odd. And, the battery was dead. Charged the battery up at home and all seems fine...we'll see if it happens again; it may be that we somehow turned the camera on while putting it into the box.

Anyway, it's clear that one should never take a new camera to Taco Bell; I have an RX10 but I'm not going to experiment to find out if the problem is with all Sony cameras, just the RX line, or just the RX100.

Be warned!

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Thanks for your warning! But we not have "Taco bells" in Europe! Thank God!

All comments like this aside, if you own the camera, then you must admit, that little wheel is very small, and could cause more trouble. I not know what cause that wheel to stuck. Lying on the table or not. But it is sad, that there is damage so soon, and without doing anything wrong.

And if Corkcampbell goes to Taco, he can use the camera after washing the amount of grease of his hands.......Or not lay the camera, next to his plate.........

Be warned!!! Mac Donalds, is a dangerous place also, would not take it there if I were you...

Ha ha ha! BIG "props" (thumbs up) to the OP for having a sense of humor! Well done.

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