Slow Motion tests with the FZ1000

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Re: Slow Motion tests with the FZ1000

Hi Uwe,

Nice sample footage, thank you for sharing!

A quick question for you...several major camera outlets here in NY are listing the FZ1000 high speed video specs as follows...

1080P @ 120 fps

720P @ 240 fps

480P @ 360 fps

...however, Panasonic's downloadable Owner's Manuals only reference the 120 fps setting with no mention at what resolution. In fact, their high speed video documentation is scant (read: dismal) reference to data bit depth, data rates, clip durations, codec, etc.

So, while we wait for the release of this camera here in the states, I was curious if I could trouble you to check your cameras menu settings for those 720P and 480P high fps settings! I appreciate your time and energies on this!

Best to you,

Jimmy G

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