D8X0 Camera Wear & Tear?

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Re: D8X0 Camera Wear & Tear?

I've had my D800E 21 months, ~35K images taken thus far. I have had to have the joystick button/controller replaced once as it wore out through massive amount of use in reviewing, zooming around etc, this was done under warrantee within the first 12 months. The grips are starting to slide, but that's a common problem, it seems that to optimize the grips for feel they suffer from stretching or the glue behind them slides if used in hot conditions. My D200 had it's grips replaced 3 times over a period of 7 years. This may also be made worse by holding the camera, rather than the lens with large lenses like the 70-200 F2.8, as that obviously would put quite a bit of strain on the rubber grips. My D800E seems to be trending on a very similar path as the D200 in this respect (actually it's possibly slightly improved). Paint and labeling seem highly durable I've not seen any wear there, except for one corner which was my fault.

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