Beautiful Florida BIFs (A6000 - birds in flight)

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Beautiful Florida BIFs (A6000 - birds in flight)

I added the description realizing some may not know the term 'bif'.  Anyway, I posted some of my Disney vacation shots, and will probably be posting more, but for those not interested in Disney, I also wanted to keep up to date with my bird shots too!  I posted one thread of them last week, and still have a fair number from July to post, with more yet to be loaded off the I don't want to fall too far behind!

This time, I wanted to post more BIF shots...sometimes I post still birds, sometimes a mix, and sometimes BIF - I had some decent light a few weeks ago with some lovely Florida waders in flight, and figured I'd concentrate on those for this thread.  The usual combo at work - A6000, 55-210mm lens, and Sony DH1758 1.7x teleconverter.  Shooting done mostly in my MR2 mode: S priority, auto ISO 100-6400, center weighted metering, wide focus area, AF-C, no lock-on AF, drive mode 6fps.  Still having issue with Dpreview not posting EXIF over from third-party sites, but it IS there - if you have an EXIF viewer, copy the photos to your computer, view them in my gallery, etc.  If anyone has difficulty finding EXIF or seeing it and needs it on any of the shots, I'll be happy to post it - just let me know.

I don't normally do 'wide' BIFs, but this guy was distant, and rather than crop tight, I sort of liked the wider view of the wetlands behind him.  This is a glossy ibis flying past

A big wood stork coming straight in on my position

Sometimes you feel like you're being dive-bombed viewing these birds coming straight at the lens!

The sky color didn't change - this osprey happened to be making a banking turn right in front of a large cloud

This beautiful cattle egret came in low and hot right through a tree canopy in front of me and the light on him was so beautiful with the blue sky background that I just kept firing off shots as he came by - the following shots are all part of the same sequence of this colorful and beautiful bird...

Passing the trees...

Starting to lower the landing gear...

Always amazing how birds fly so confidently into and through thick foliage...

Popping out the other side of the trees, before banking around 180 degrees and landing just out of my view (his nest was on the backside of the trees, so I lost him right after this frame).

I love watching the least terns making their diving attacks on the water, but they are awful difficult to catch doing it!  Especially when the clouds create some overcast, and they do it 100 feet away requiring supermega crops...this little guy I had to crop a ton, but caught him in his dive pose just before hitting the water...

And the follow up shot - he hit the water and as you can see, he goes completely underwater, turns 90 degrees, and emerges again (hopefully with fish in mouth!)...even though there's not much bird in this shot, I still thought it was fun to see the wings popping out of the water with the plume of water behind him!

As always, comments, questions, or critique are welcomed.  Hope I'm not overwhelming the boards with photo posts too much, with 3 different threads in the past week!

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