12-40 with dtc and 40-150 comparison, at 80 mm

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Re: Sorry, but this is not a valid comparison.

Sorry MatsP, regardless of what the causes are, the images you posted are both very soft.

Whether your E-M5 has a problem, whether you moved enough during exposure to create softness, whether you have two soft samples of both lenses, whatever the cause might be, I still consider your images soft. They are not representative of what the E-M5 and these two lenses are capable of.

Your photos need to please you, not me. If you do not even own a tripod, you are ignoring what is normally considered an essential piece of photographic gear -- because it is the only, truly reliable image stabilization method commonly used. Again, whether you choose to use one or not is strictly your decision, but that decision doesn't change reality.

I didn't post this to offend you, and apologize if I have -- I'm just stating what I know to be true, and posted honest examples that I think support that.

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