Film Photography: How any could masrer film and darkroom work?

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Re: Film Photography: How any could masrer film and darkroom work?

bford wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

bford wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

Mark Smith wrote:

bford wrote:

Now the client is fully aware of Photoshop and what can be done, those things can and are a real time sink for todays proffessional.

it''s your business, you can do whatever you want.

LOL eh no!

The reason I have a business is because I give the customers what they want!

In some cases the better business is doing otherwise.

The best business is keeping the customer happy, anything else is folly as they pay your bills.

Since the advent of digital you really need to offer the extras that most clients call for, if you don't you'll soon find those people voting with their feet

I can tell you just about everyone is aware of what digital can do, you have your attitude 'I'll do it my way' and they'll just find someone who will offer them the opening eyes, slimming down and the other digital tools.

You've never been a working pro have you?

I'd agree Mark. I knew few wedding photographers using 35mm in the 80's and early 90's. I used my RB67, C33 and Pentax 645 mainly and didn't add 35mm until around 96. Unfortunately, a lot of people have opinions not backed by experience or knowledge.

I knew many photographers back then using 35mm in addition to medium. You can believe that or not. What you can't do is confirm my experience and knowledge.

Based upon your comments, I most certainly can.

All you can do is deny it, not confirm it. That would be impossible for you to do.

Exactly, only if he can prove that or have to resort to fantasy.

I also saw the quality of what 35mm in the late 80's and early 90's achieved...if that meets your standards, you are at a different level than myself and who I associated with in the field....

To say the quality of 35mm wasn't good in the late 80s and early 90s to make beautiful prints of decent size makes me question your experience with it. It was good enough for that long before the 80s and 90s. It was good enough for movie and TV for decades, and that utilize less area of the 35mm film. Properly done HD transfers look fantastic.

We have seen tons of FF SLR prints on cover magazines in 80's and 90's. For those actually didn't experience will not understand. I still keep my old Nikon film FF SLR, N70, a low-end model nevertheless.

35mm wasn't meant to compete with medium format. It was used to provide a different perspective that was much harder or even impossible to get with medium format. Invariably, because of that, 35mm typically ended up with the lion's share of the best and most interesting pictures of a wedding, instead of the typically boring posed medium format shots done over and over again.

Gee, he has magic print sizes that vary on his needs. He claimed unable to see difference at 26x18" between FF and APS-C DSLRs, but can see difference between MF and FF film cameras also printed to that size? The same he claimed can see big difference between 645Z and FF DSLRs but cannot see difference between FF and APS-C DSLRs despite the difference in former is much less than in latter, and he even didn't experience 645Z.

and I presume you aren't a photographer either.

I am.

The person I was talking to about the use of 35mm for wedding photography is also in the UK, I'm not. I have no idea whether 35mm was used in that time period for wedding photography in his country, just as I doubt he knows what was being used in America. I can only speak for what I experienced in my country. I mentioned that to him.

He thought he is a Pro photog and most others are amateurs in the town despite he doesn't have much to show to backup his claims. Certainly we don't see that pro level in his site. That guy knows how to talk or resort to bogus claims if necessary.

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