12-40 with dtc and 40-150 comparison, at 80 mm

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Sorry, but this is not a valid comparison.

I have done extensive shooting and testing with the DTC, so I know what it will do and its limitations.

The images posted in this 'test' by the OP are both suffering greatly from camera movement -- the poor quality of these samples precludes any kind of reliable comparson. If this were the sharpest results I could get out of either of these lenses, they would be on eBay as I type this.

Here are some carefully done shots - with and without the DTC engaged (and done with camera on a tripod in each case) - no post process sharpening has been done to any of these images. You be the judge as to how much IQ difference there is.

The first image (a selfie) was shot in my studio using the Panasonic 35-100 @ 100mm @ ISO 3200 -- for reference on the subsequent crops.

The second is a crop from this same set up @ ISO 1000 with the DTC engaged.

The third is a comparable crop @ ISO 1000 without the DTC engaged.

The fourth image is a 100% crop from a shot I did using the DTC with my 40-150mm lens -- no sharpening has been applied. I think that you can see that there is no where near the blur visible in either of the OP's images.

OOC uncropped @ ISO 3200

With DTC @ ISO 1000

Without DTC @ ISO 1000

100% crop of 40-150mm shot using the DTC -- straight OOC

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