Can Someone Explain Auto Focus in GX7/GM1?

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Can Someone Explain Auto Focus in GX7/GM1?

I have both a GX7 and a GM1 and still can't figure out how to use auto focus properly. FIrst of all let me explain my setup. I don't use the touch screen to shoot or focus and both are turned off. I prefer the old fashioned way, using the trackpad. So face recognition I get. It picks out a face and will focus on it. I also get AFS and AFC to shoot it either standing still or it will track it.

Here's where I start to have problems. In AF tracking I focused on a subject and they moved around but the tracking of them was slow and inconsistent and sometimes it didn't do anything at all. Why? 23 area seems to work properly. I pick 23 Area and then there's an AF Area on screen. I touch that and I get a grid to place the spot I want. Fine. After I find the focus point using the touchpad the grid is gone and I can't set another area without going back to the original AF Mode window on the touchpad and start all over again. How do I just get the grid back up without having to go through all those steps? The same with 1-Area. I pick it out hit AF Area on the screen and I get a box I can move around with the trackpad. AFter taking a shot the track pad reverts to its original functions and doesn't allowed me to move the single focus point around any longer. With pinpoint it's even more frustrating. After I pick it in AF Mode and move the point , when I touch the shutter release halfway down the AF point shows up in a magnified window. I then try to move it with the touchpad and it sets itself and I can no longer move it.

The instructions in the manual how to do all this is non existent. I must say one of the worst manuals ever made. So can someone who has complete knowledge of this, owns the cameras and has figured give a in depth synopsis of how this works. Please don't tell me how your Olympus works or your theories on how this works but you don't own the cameras or are simply hypothesizing. There are too many people on here who can't resist the urge to tell us what they know when sometimes they really are just grasping at straws.

Also if you know where this is all explained and I'm just missing it please let me know. Thanks.

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