12-40 with dtc and 40-150 comparison, at 80 mm

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Re: 12-40 with dtc and 40-150 comparison, at 80 mm

I thought long and hard when i decided to dump my D7000 for a compact. I do 90% of my photography while traveling and figured that i would just try to deal with the shortcomings of a compact (mostly noise and dynamic range). Reading thousands of posts all over the place in the last few years shows that a lot of older folks are tired of lugging around large dSLr's. Most don;t replace their dSlrs for their serious work, but they are usings the compacts as a second camera for everyday or vacation shooting.

Actually i should practice what i preach, lol.  I chose to go with the 12-40 because i wanted better optics and a faster lens (than the kit) so that i could shoot at lower iso's. in terms of the EM1, i do have to do a little more post processing for noise, but what excites me the most is that fact that i can get away (in many cases) without a tripod. While my d7000 gave me less noise, the so-so stabilization of the VRII lens gave me more 'move to trash' shots due to the blurriness of my low light scenes.. For me, i get sharper shots at 1/20th than i got with my 1/60th of a second with my Nikon...

Yes, the compact (ILC) market is niche and if dSlr's get smaller, than maybe the ILC's will die. But then again the ILC lenses are smaller and lighter than the APC/FF brothers and that makes a perfect little package for many of us...

In my travels, i have noticed that over the last 5 years, there are a lot more of the dSLRs around (albeit the cheap end of Canon and Nikon) because a lot of people DO want better gear. (or is it because the  idiot mode produces better shots than the point-and-shoots). I've also seen a lot more ILCs in the last 2 years.. mostly Nikon and Sony and a few Fujis... very very few Olympuses (olympie ?)

Frankly, i don't know why i just rambled off topic like that, but i'm 62 and my attention deficit disorder is getting worse.

I'm sorry for ruffling your feathers like that.. I only meant to say that i thought that there was too much nit-picking over quality.. but as you say, this is what these forums are about and to tell you the truth, all these post rantings over pixel peeking convinced me to spring $$$ for the 12-40..

(My only worry is using the EM1 for stock photography. One of my sites, Shutterstock are completely anal when it comes to dynamic range and noise. They are 200% magnification pixel peepers, lol)

Again, i apologize to you and anyone else i may have turned off.


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