First time Caller - Long time Listener.

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First time Caller - Long time Listener.

Well, this is my first post.   Sydney, Australia

I have tried to become a member here before but wasn't able to because I was using a gmail account.

so...   Just to introduce myself, I have been into photography since I was a kid, I always had a camera and always loved taking photos...  Then I discovered digital cameras which I bought an Canon IXUS, (don't recall the numbers) but it was my first digital camera and was 2.1MP..   Very lame compared to todays standards I know!

One story I want to share with you all is this;

The year I bought my Canon IXUS myself and my mate went to the Sydney international Motorshow, in darling Harbour. circa 1997-98. The one thing I remember so clearly was I held this camera and no-one could believe the technology I was holding, everyone still was using 35mm film to shoot.. My Canon IXUS caused quite a stir with both my family and well anyone whom saw it for that first year.

The next year myself and my mate returned to the Sydney International Motorshow and wouldn't you know it everyone had digital cameras...

Truth is I was in the market for a new camera and knew that the digital cameras were fast approaching our shores. I held off and waited.....

Ended up paying A$1300.00+ for the camera.

This camera was taken everywhere, lasted about 7 years of flat out work,

Skip forward a few years I bought myself a Canon D60 one of the first 6MP DSLR's on the market. This camera cost me A$5000.00+ and I didn't even have glass yet.

I still have that Canon D60, but as you can imagine it's a bit tried these days. I have been holding off buying a NEW DSLR cause I haven't really been all that inspired by photography, the last 5 or so years.

As with any hobby its fantastic to return knowing you have a lot to offer and learn too...

I have bought a few Canon IXUS cameras since then, my most recent camera purchased is a Go-Pro, I live very close to Wet n' Wild Sydney (1 minute away) so thought wanted to experience underwater photography for the first time...  We take the camera to shoot pics of my family aand friends all having the time of our lives...

Well, I'm here, enjoying the hobby for everything it has to offer. Love to mix with like minded photographers.

Hope you are all great. Can't wait to share some great photos from current events and yesteryear...

I forgot to mention 65,000+ frames still sit on my 2 Terabyte HDD.

Take Care

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