The skin color advice.

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Re: The skin color advice.

2eyesee wrote:

AlGor wrote:

2eyesee wrote:

I'd be more concerned how soft the image is, Al. It looks out of focus - or maybe how you've process it in Lightroom. I'm not sure, but it should look better than this though for ISO 125 when viewed at 100%.

I'd recommend not going over f/5.6 for best sharpness. You're f/8 here, but I'm sure that doesn't explain just how soft the image looks.

In LR5 when I touching the image I reduce a little bit clarity because in other way it was looking way tooo contrasty. So a little softer face looking much batter in my opinion.

I printed already several sets in 5 by 7 inch and it sharp enough and face not so contrasty.

A 5x7" print at 300 dpi is only about 3 megapixels, so it's not surprising that a soft 20 megapixel image will look sharp when scaled down to 3 megapixels. I still wouldn't be happy with it though.

I'd be interested in seeing what the RAW looks like and how I would process it if you want to share it (through Google Drive, DropBox or another file sharing service).

Yes you right that shot IS a bit out of focus.

And unfortunately I do use RX100 in JPG only (just keep the camera in my working bag everyday).
It was pretty bright daytime and "tight" time window,also NO EVF in camera, so I just asking guy stay still and "look at me".
I do shooting my objects/projects to keep "documented history" in pictures from the building beginning, also some guys working here...
Here is another shot but also processed in LR5(5) and after I export pics I'm not keeping originals (for this kind of pictures);
also my main question was about skin color but if this is interesting to you...

Al. P.S. And all guys was very happy with the pictures (it is what it is).

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