12-40 with dtc and 40-150 comparison, at 80 mm

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Re: 12-40 with dtc and 40-150 comparison, at 80 mm

Oh you pixel peepers !

The 12-40 is a superior lens and of course it is sharper.. But if you are printing at 8x10, or 9x12 and you do a little post sharpening, i doubt the casual observer will note a significant difference...

A GOOD picture DOESNT HAVE TO BE TACK SHARP. The master photographers frequently exhibit images which are not tack sharp and maybe the staples in a wood log are lost, but that is not what photography is all about...

I have just been watching a conference by David DuChemin who laughs at these forums which are filled with people discussing the sharpness of their artwork...

His advice: Stop this insanity of spending your time comparing how sharp a hair is on a model's head and GO OUT AND MAKE PICTURES !!!!!!.

(and to the guy who didn't even like the 12-40.. get a life. Its a great lens and there are thousands of images on the net taken with it). Remember that its a smaller sensor camera and you can't expect a Canon Mark Whatever with an L lens attached to it... )

Steve, it's true Henri Cartier-Bresson said some time that "sharpness is bourgeousi" when arguing against those who thought Leica was a toy camera with just 24x36 film frame.

But sharpness is very important in many cases. If you shoot architecture or interiors for an exhibition or a book you want sharpness all over the picture. To get that you need good tools you can rely on. All artists and artisans want good tools. So sometimes it's useful to do some tests, even with pixel peeping involved.

I have found that my E-M5 with the 12-40 is a very good tool for most things I want to do. But sometimes I need something equally good outside the range of the 12-40 and sadly the 40-150 isn't of similar quality.

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