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Quotes from "Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision"

This reminds me of a quote from David duChemin's great book, Within the Frame, wich I'm just reading: The Journey of Photographic Vision :

photographers run the risk of spending more time thinking about gear than using it to create great images. In short, we become addicted to the how of photography, and when that happens, the why and the what suffer. The result is a glut of photographs that are technically perfect but lacking in emotion, depth, symbolism, and passion.

At the moment I'm a bit into over-processing (see ) but I know that I as a beginner should put this other advice from the book in practice:

we need to learn to feel and speak visually with greater passion and less reliance on our tools. Perhaps an ongoing personal project that involves the simplest of tools—an old manual camera, one lens, and some black and white film—would be helpful. Give the geek a personal retreat and some time to learn to express himself with the simplest of equipment. Don’t have simple gear? Set your digital SLR to manual, use one lens, and shoot JPE G. And no Photoshop. As painful as this low-tech exercise can be for the natural technician, it serves a greater purpose: to help you see past the words and grammar of the visual language and find a story worth telling.

The message of the book is not that gear and technique are not important, he also says:

The technique stuff here is critical. All the vision in the world fails for lack of means to express it.

I think we all need to find our own balance between the need to create an image and the means to do it

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