D810 does sports, protests, and sitting in a bar in one day

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Re: D810 does sports, protests, and sitting in a bar in one day

The 100% crop of the basketball shot actually confirmed my impression that focus is not tack sharp. However its still a fully usable shot. When I use my 5D3 for such occasion, I typically get about 2/5 tack sharp, another 2/5 shots like yours (usable but not tack sharp) and 1/5 OOF or focus on the wrong thing.

I went to a shop to try out the D810 in group AF. AF-C mode with backbutton focusing, and I simulate movement by moving myself backward and forward while locking onto a target. It would certainly seem D810 have substantially impoved its tracking AF, pretty close to a 5D3 from my experience.

As for the critique on the artistic merit of the photos, the author did not ask for it and I was certainly surprised by the number of conscending comments and the escalation afterward. Clearly the author wasn't trying to show his best work here, he took a few snaps (which we all do, pros or artistic genius or not) to share his excitment of having a new gear. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. Little did he expect to get butchered by legions of hungry arm-chair critics.

The quick-to-judge comments show more about the narrowminded nature of the commenters than the author's work. Unfortunately aggressive flammers are getting more and more prevalent in dpreview for some reason. I have this line for them: "Empty vessels make the most noise".

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